Paul McCann

Trustee for Parkland School Division, Ward 4 (Stony Plain)

Paul McCann is a proven and respected leader. His well-balanced skills set makes him well-qualified to continue to serve for a second term as the Trustee for Ward 4. Paul has an extensive background including

  • Professional experience in education,
  • Extensive Volunteer work in the community, and
  • Distinguished service as an elective representative.


Paul McCann

Current Commitments

Parkland School Division – Incumbent Trustee: Ward 4 (Stony Plain)
Edmonton Retrouvaille – Presenter and Board Member
Edmonton Huskies Alumni Society – President
Prairie Football Conference – Incoming Financial Officer

Previous Accomplishments

Parkland School Division – Teacher (+35 years)
Alberta Teacher’s Association
– Provincial Executive Council (2 terms)
– Parkland Teachers’ Local President (2 terms)
Town of Stony Plain – Municipal Council Member (1 term)

Topics for Conversation

There are several topics that I would like to further explore in serving the public as your elected representative.

Support for Student Well-Being and Mental Health Services

We have a significant number of students at risk in terms of

Basic Living Needs
(nutrition, access to technology, access to extracurricular activities)

Substance Abuse and Addictions

Suicides, Bullying, and Social Isolation

Re-Aligning School Boundaries

New school sites and current/future community growth dictate the need for a fulsome review

Fair and Representative Electoral Boundaries

Currently, residents of Spruce Grove get to select three Trustees, while the other four wards only get to choose one representative

School-Year Calendars that Make Sense

Can simple and practical adjustments be made to an antiquated school-year calendar that will better meet the needs of a changing society?

Why is Public Education so important in today’s society?

My Pledge

I will be an excellent voice in advocating for the community of Stony Plain, its families, its students, and its school employees.

I will be fiscally responsible in ensuring that your tax dollars are spent both efficiently and responsibly.

I will do the research and be properly informed before making decisions on your behalf.

I will be open and transparent with regards to how I vote, as your representative, on any motions/resolutions at all public school board meetings.

Paul McCann

The Leadership Parkland School Division Ward 4 Needs Right Now

Paul McCann

About Paul McCann

Paul McCann has been actively contributing to the public education system in Parkland School Division [PSD] for +40 years, as a parent, in the classroom, as a coach, and as a leader of teachers. He is both prepared and eager to continue to tackle key and ongoing local educational challenges in being acclaimed for a second term as the Trustee for Ward 4 (Stony Plain). When it comes to decision-making, Paul judges that he is still in his prime. He believes that he can continue to make a significant contribution when it comes to improving the quality of the educational experience of our children in Parkland School Division.

Paul brings with him an extensive background of political experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a highly developed skills set to serve in his capacity as Trustee. During the past 17 years he has been busy in the political forum. He was elected and served with distinction on Stony Plain’s Town Council, as the Local President of Parkland Teachers’, and on the Provincial Executive Council for the Alberta Teachers’ Association. His is truly grateful for the honour and privilege of serving the community in various capacities. Representing others around the decision-making table is not a role that should be taken lightly.

Paul has identified many challenges that are facing our local schools. Topping the list is the ability for Parkland School Division to meet the needs of a growing/changing and more complex student population. Priorities include meeting the demand for new facilities, supporting numeracy and literacy, physical literacy, inclusion (allocating resources to work with a greater spectrum of student learning needs within the classroom), and embedding the knowledge and wisdom of our First Nations communities into curriculum. Each of these challenges has a significant impact on each child in our classrooms. Paul is committed to creating a culture where parents and key stakeholders feel a sense of ownership in the educational decisions that are made on behalf of their children. A healthy school environment is the result of decisions made at the Board level but determined by the entire community.

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